The CombiPod™  Thermostation

CombiPod™ operating specifications

The CombiPod™ consists of two water tanks, one for hot and one for cold water, a pump and valve system to fill a PVC bladder which is wrapped around the user’s limb (with alternating hot and cold water) whilst applying compression to the affected limb.

The system comprises a base unit that can be placed on a table or trolley. 



240v external medical approved power supply delivering 12v DC to the CombiPod™.

Nothing that requires electrical power comes in contact with the user during treatment.


Hot and cold information

The water is not heated or cooled in the unit itself. Rather, hot and cold water are added to the CombiPod™ in separate tanks.  The two tanks are heavily insulated to maintain the temperature of the water for the duration of the treatment.

Temperature range:

Cold: 5ºC to 10ºC

Hot: to a maximum of 40ºC

There are safety devices in place to ensure that if the water exceeds the hot or cold limits the CombiPod™ will not function until a safe temperature is reached.



The level of compression is controlled by adjusting an outer sleeve using Velcro® straps.  This is simple to do and can be performed by the wearer or practitioner. 


Key Specifications:

Operating Temperature :  Cold:  5ºC to 40ºC


Compression Therapy:   Alternating between 0.3 psi and 0.7 psi


Limb/Body wraps:  Knee / elbow / shoulder adjustable


Temperature and Compression: via water circulation


Voltage:  Units operates at 12v  for medical grade mains power supply.


Unit weight: 8kg when full, 4kg when empty.


Designed and manufactured in the UK by: Thesis Technology Products Ltd. Brooks Green Farm, Brooks Lane, PO18 8JX


Patent pending


CombiPod Thermostaion with attached wrap

The CombiPod supports treatment of the following:

- Pain management

- Sporting injuries

- Post-surgical recovery

- Swelling /Oedema

- Sprain therapy

- Inflammation

- Arterial circulation enhancement