Does CombiPod™ need a power source to operate or does it have a battery?

The CombiPod™ must be plugged into the mains to operate, there is no battery option available.

What is the minimum and maximum temperature the CombiPod™ can operate at?

The minimum and maximum temperatures that CombiPod™ will operate are 3degC and 48degC. If the water storage tanks are too hot or too cold, the CombiPod™ will not operate which helps prevent patient discomfort or pain.

Is it possible to run the CombiPod™ on just heat or just cold therapy?

The CombiPod™ is fully programmable so you can select either just hot therapy or just cold therapy. There is also the option to switch between hot and cold. The time and duration can also be set in order to accurately control treatment times.

How much compression does CombiPod™ provide?

The CombiPod™ provides compression levels between a range of 20mmHg to 30mmHg. There is also an optional massage setting.

How can I get CombiPod™?

There are a number of options for getting CombiPod™ and the wraps. These include purchasing the unit, hiring or leasing it. We appreciate every clinic operates in different ways so we can find the best procurement option for you. To find out more contact mark.allatt@thesistechnology.co.uk

How much does CombiPod™ cost?

This depends on how you want to purchase the system and how many different wraps you need. We have different options from purchasing, to hiring or leasing. We can help you find the most suitable option.

How easy is it to change the wraps on the CombiPod™?

All of the wraps have the same connections so changing them from one type to another. For example, an ankle wrap to an arm wrap only takes a couple of seconds. This offers maximum flexibility for treatment options.

Do you provide training and support for the CombiPod™?

We provide training on how to set up and use the CombiPod™ plus support should you have any issues in the future. If you have any questions either email us or call the office and one of our team will be on hand to support you.

What type of injuries, trauma or surgery is CombiPod™ suitable to treat?

The CombiPod™ uses both hot and cold therapy, combined with its comprehensive range of wraps. It is ideal for treating limbs and joints following surgery and great for treating sports injuries, easing pain and aiding recovery.