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"Our business ethos concerns innovation and improving the quality of life for the individual."

Our business ethos concerns innovation and improving the quality of life for the individual. We believe in well-made, affordable products and are proud of our excellent customer service record. We are committed to manufacturing in the United Kingdom.


Thesis Technology Products Ltd. is a family business, established in 1994 by a group of engineering, technical and finance professionals, who, when one of them broke their leg, identified a gap in the market for patients with plaster casts who wished to shower or bath without getting their cast wet. Their idea became the patented LimbO® Waterproof Protector, a neoprene and PVC sleeve, designed to protect casts or dressings from water, which was developed with significant involvement from Southampton General Hospital. 


Today the company occupies a factory and offices near Chichester in West Sussex and employs over 40 people. Our expanding product line has gained world-wide recognition. The LimbO® is the UK market leader in waterproof protection, with a number of models available on FP10 prescription, including our elbow cover for PICC/ mid-lines and our below knee models for wound care and long-term conditions. LimbOs® are used by patients in over 700 hospitals and clinics throughout the UK, and are routinely recommended by health professionals because they trust the product, our manufacturing methods and they know how well we look after their patients.  In addition, LimbO® waterproof protectors are widely available throughout Europe, the United States, Asia, Australasia and the Middle East.


Thesis Technology - LimbO® Products actively supports education and training and has valuable links with organisations such as the Association of Orthopaedic Practitioners (AOP UK), the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA and BCC), the Orthopaedic & Trauma Alliance, the Tissue Viability Society and the College of Podiatry.


In addition to the support we give to many hospital departments through our hospital contribution scheme, Thesis Technology/LimbO® Products is a loyal supporter of several charities, including Children in Need, Help for Heroes, Aquaid and the Africa Trust.


We are a small family business and, despite the workforce increasing rapidly in size over the last few years, we still retain the same values. We think of our staff as part of the family and treat them accordingly.  We are proud to be Living Wage employers. In return we have a loyal and dedicated workforce, who consistently produce work of the highest quality.