About Us

Thesis Technology Products is a British manufacturing company, founded in 1993, which focuses on developing innovative solutions that make life easier and more comfortable.

Our first product, the LimbO waterproof protector, set out to focus on improving quality of life for users who either have a fracture, or who have long-term wound dressings or IV access lines, to enable them to shower or bathe whilst keeping casts, dressings or lines dry. This original design has become the market leading waterproof protector in the UK and is now sold around the world.

Subsequent innovations include the Neocape, a revolutionary hairdressing gown which provides a comfortable experience for the user and prevents water dripping down the neck. Neocape has become the choice of gown for leading, high quality barbers and hairdressers around the world, replacing old fashioned, uncomfortable and ineffective nylon, string-tied gowns.

The latest innovative product is the CombiPod™ Thermostation, which offers hot and cold contrast and compression therapy, to treat a range of muscular skeletal problems. This simple-to-use and user friendly system offers a straight forward and effective solution and treatment.

The concept of innovative solutions that make life easier and more comfortable for users remains the mainstay of everything we do. We manufacture all of our products at our main site in Bosham, near Chichester. Our workplace culture focuses on the key values of innovation, quality, trust, honesty, integrity, reliability, respect, commitment, expertise, empathy and quality.

The company maintains a strong family feel, something the founder members Ted Palmer and Trevor Nightingale are keen to constantly build upon.

As a growing business we know that we have a responsibility to our community, economy and our environment and we take this seriously.

As a manufacturer
We are aware that we use some non-recyclable materials for our products and seek to mitigate our impact on the environment by continually reviewing our products, packaging and processes to reduce use of plastics and natural resources.

As an employer
We are proud to be a Real Living Wage employer.

As a business
We apply fair and affordable pricing to our patient focused products, to help as many people as possible.

As part of our community
We actively seek out and support charities.