CombiPod™ Thermostation, a simple innovative multi-function contrast and compression therapy

Helping healthcare professionals, patients and athletes recover as quickly as possible after surgery or injury.

A simple, safe and effective solution to providing hot and cold contrast therapy, with the benefit of compression to the treatment area

  • Interchangeable wraps for treating different parts of the body or Limbs.
  • Two water tanks, one for hot water (max 40ºC) and one for cold water / ice (5º to 10ºC).
  • Treatment can provide either hot or cold therapy, or a combination of both, through circulating the water through an ergonomically designed wrap.
  • An option to provide compression during treatment to further assist recovery.
  • The duration can be controlled, pre set to allow total flexibility including switching between hot and cold compression if required.
  • A range of limb and body wraps are available which can be quickly and easily switched to accommodate the treatment or injury location.